Thank you for coming!

Hello family, friends, strangers!

Writing, music, and tea. Best ever.

I’m starting this blog, website, journal, whatever you want to call it – nearly blind. I have no real direction or goal aside from the desire to write and share.

After nearly 20 years of the dream of writing creeping around in the corners of my heart and mind, something out there is shouting, DO IT NOW! And it won’t shut up!! It’s no longer creeping in the corners, it’s stomping up and down and across the middle of every part of me. (See “The Writer” …once I write it that is…page for more history of my path to here.)

No idea what’s out there…

…but I’m diving in!

So, while I only have a very vague sense of what I hope to accomplish hovering out there just beyond my reach, I’m starting – before the stomping becomes stampeding. You should too – whatever you’ve been putting off…stop. Do it NOW! I am a model example of putting off challenges and risks for fear of the unknown and possible failure. No more excuses. Do it.


PS. Check out the “About Me” pages if you want to know a little bit more of who I think I am! The Writer, The Teacher, and The Reader still to come…

6 thoughts on “Thank you for coming!

  1. Hi Kimberley, I sure hope your Adelaide experience is a good one. It was very nice to meet you (in February). FYI you write very well!
    Jan Morris

  2. Your aversion to challenges has been challenged by your teacher exchange experience- it is such an opportunity for growing, and as you say- just doing it! I look forward to more entries!

  3. Good luck with your adventure! I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog. I love when a fellow writer checks out one of my little stories! Thank you for the like today. Such a nice thing to find waiting for me in my inbox today. I’d love for you to check out my post, Beets. Believe in your dreams & keep on writing :). Cheers.

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