Happy (late!) Canada Day! Check out my other blog for stories about my travels/life during my yearlong teaching exchange in Australia! Have a terrific day everyone!

Cave's Travel Adventures, Near & Far

Ya, ya, I know, Canada Day was three weeks ago. Two of those I was fully enamoured with travelling around Eastern and Northern Australia with my big sis and last week I was caught in a warp – time froze and also went at the speed of light. I’m not entirely sure how I ended up here on a Friday evening only JUST writing about my first day of the second lot of holidays! I’ll keep the yammering to a minimum and focus on photos!

It all started on June 30th. I didn’t waste a moment and was OFF and away on my very first day of holidays. Kerry, the music teacher and self-appointed Kimberly Airport Shuttle, wonderfully dropped me off at 8:30 am for my flight to Brisbane and from there onto Cairns. Everything went smoothly until that point but then I had to kill time at Cairns airport for…

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