How to: Enjoy a Timeless Day

funny sign

1) Notice something worth turning around and driving back for.

Depsite Lin focussing on navigating the twisty narrow roads towards Port Elliot and I doing my best to be a passenger enjoying the views, we both managed to see (and snicker at) the Pigeon Poo sign. Since we were both on the same page about its hilarity, we agreed it was worth turning back for a few photos. And so set the tone for the day.

2) Refuse to look at (or at least care about) the time.

And so we did, as we drove and walked back and forth from Middleton to Port Elliott, and back to Middleton, and one more time over to Port Elliott.

3) Include good food wherever possible.

The Flying Fish Cafe and the Port Elliott Bakery took care of #3 for us more than sufficiently. After a bit of tradesies, we each got to sample one piece of classic battered fish and deliciously crumbed piece of garfish. From there, we lamented in joy over the consistently delicious hot chips experience of Australia. Throughout our discussions and repeated, “Just one more,” statements, we continued to overfill our bellies and agree that it’s a good thing for our health that Canadian- and American-prepared french fries will never compare. Not nearly enough calorie-burning steps later, we arrived at the bakery unable to refuse two treats that we also shared to maximize our taste sensations for the day! (And a cake to take home!)

4) Complete as many random to-dos as possible.

Our to-accomplish list for the day ranged from witnessing whales in the wild, visiting an unassuming bakery, buying buttons, and enjoying varied scenery. We checked them all off! Our button experience was the best of all – in a shop containing greeting cards to crocheted hats; ziploc bags of random buttons to fabric samples; single tea cups and saucers to old books; and everything in between. The lady behind the counter wearing knitted winter gloves adamantly stated we could NOT buy only six buttons from a bag and would have to return later when the owner came to the shop. Considering our day was timeless, we did some more walking and driving before coming back to barter for buttons. Lin’s granddaughter will look ravishing in her grandma-knitted sweater with the baby purple buttons. Success!

5) Take a different – and unknown – route home.

Lin entrusted me with the map and said, “Go!” We saw different trees, animals, and hills on our way home. We managed a few dirt roads, dashed through a couple different towns, and shared plenty of stories.

6) Don’t be afraid to stop for photos.

A quaint church inspired a photo stop and led us to also discover the church bell in a dead old tree and a little primary schoolhouse.

Ending the day with hands wrapped around a steaming cup of Earl Grey never hurts either! Thanks for a beautiful day, Lin.

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