How to: Shop from the Kids’ Section

The only high comparable to finding wicked fashions and deals in the kids’ section?? Finding someone else that understands and loves the kids’ section as I do!!! Boy, did Elyssa and I have a good time at Target and Big W on Friday!

Tips to get the most from your time and money:

1) Pay attention to size trends. Kids are getting bigger. I used to be able to barely squeeze into a size 16 (largest kid size); now, size 12 can often be the perfect fit. I certainly haven’t gotten any smaller. Really opens up the options!

Warmest winter coat and vest I ever owned. Thanks, Jacob Jr. Also pretty awesome kids’ boots.

2) Alternate sizes for fitting rooms to maximize item selection and minimize return trips to the rack. With each item we found, I’d take a 14 or 16 in one colour, and Elyssa took the opposite size in another colour. A quick toss over the wall of the changeroom and we were able to optimize our successes.

Tank top, and both pairs of shorts in the photo – Jacob Jr.

3) Smile kindly – without smugness – through the dirty looks of the fitting room attendants and cashiers. Despite relatively constant “short” and “small” comments that are no longer “cute” 30 years later and this being an optimal time to rub it in every average- and tall-sized person’s face, we short folk are bigger people than that. (Haha, bigger!) We suffer the pant leg that needs hemming 100% of the time, sleeves that must be rolled, and adult skirts that poof when they should be sleek and slim. This is our moment to shine. We choose to do it with a pure fist-pumping “YES!” unclouded with “so there”s.

Target’s 2012 Winter line of coats!

4) Anticipate and enjoy the epic fails.  It’s rare to find appropriately proportioned dresses. Especially the front top part…. And as for pants, be prepared to cut out the elastic with button holes and button that allows you to shrink the waist. Kids don’t have hips, butts, or boobs – not that a lot of short-enough-to-wear-kids-clothes people do either… but at least more defined than children under ten!

If you can believe it, the pictures IMPROVES the appearance of this epic fail. Hey, we gave it a shot!

5) Smile graciously when you meet a child wearing the same outfit. Both Elyssa and I were able to share a few stories about students commenting, “Hey, I have those pants!” I even met a former student and her mom one evening – we were wearing the same shoes to dinner. Laugh, shrug it off with a grin, and enjoy yet another moment that those looking at you strangely will never have the joy of experiencing.

Another perfect pair of kid shorts.

It’s a good day to be short.

Toque, scarf, and the jacket Courtney’s borrowing from me – all courtesy of kids!

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