Leanne, My Inspiration to Technologize

Consider this an “About Me” post with little tastes of my thoughs about technology and small whiffs of a few of my thoughts on teaching.

Cave's Travel Adventures, Near & Far

Many of you will know I am somewhat anti-technology in the classroom. At least for students younger than Grade 3 or so. I didn’t do more than play Solitaire and Minesweeper on my computer until late high school. From there, I entered the world of Microsoft Works and Word to type up the occasional ‘essay’ for school and write notes to friends in pretty fonts. I first ventured onto the internet with Crystal in chat rooms talking to someone named “ipfreely.” My mom and dad will probably be horrified knowing I was in chat rooms – I feel a little nervous about the memory myself! Stephanie and I then used the power of the internet to look up funny sound clips. We didn’t even play games on the internet. Back then, the internet seemed kinda boring. By Grade 12, chat rooms had progressed to the lovely sounds of ICQ “uh-oh”ing at me and checking my brand…

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