Gone Fishin’

This week’s Daily Post: Weekly Writing Challenge is all about using a publishing feature that WordPress includes within its blogging platform – Posting by Email.

Dear Blog,

How are you? I’m fine. Is it strange that face-to-face conversations, telephone chats, e-mails, and handwritten notes always seem to start that way? Forget “how are you?” – get to the meat of things!! Nobody is ever “fine” anyway. It’s either said completely as a reflex or there’s that momentary pause where the speaker’s eyes glaze over and there are about a million different answers to “how are you?” that could be shared before he or she snaps back to reality and replies with the typical, “I’m fine” or “good” or “not too bad!”

Anyway, like I said, to the meat of things. Tonight is Wednesday. I am two short (pah! short…feels painstakingly long) days until Term 3 of school ends and I hop a flight home for ten days. Apparently I am the queen of understatement tonight. “Hop a flight” sounds so easy and even like a little holiday in itself. I’ll be leaving Adelaide at 6:00 am to hit Sydney before getting onto my epic 14 hour flight to Vancouver (thank you, Air Canada, for direct flights!) That’s where the most painful part of the trip will be. I will be SO close to home, but have 90 minutes in the airport and an hour flight before I land in Kelowna to my fam-damly. I arrive at 10 am on the same day that I left. So really, it’s like I was in the air for four hours only. Hah, if only.

I’m sending you this letter now, darling Blog, since I can’t imagine I’ll be in contact much over the next two weeks. The pre-wedding preparations will be full-steam ahead (they already are, in fact, I’ve missed most of it). The very day I arrive I am getting a hair cut and colour and co-hosting Courtney’s Umbrella Drink Afternoon the day after. Hopefully I can stay awake the entire time. Crossing my fingers jet-lag just doesn’t have time to set in. We’ll be making burger patties, getting pampered with pretty nails, and creating decorations. We’ll be hanging out at Lakeside Resort all weekend prepping, wedding-ing, partying, visiting, eating, drinking, dancing, sunning, swimming, all ’round having the best time ever.

I anticipate the days after will be calmer days of recovery, hugging my family over and over and over, relishing in home, and even a night laughing with Russell Peters! Sweet!

When I arrive back in Adelaide after those long hours in the plane in reverse, I’m certain I’ll spend the day and a half before Term 4 begins sleeping and reconnecting with Skittle. I’m sure I’ll be too homesick to write to you right away. It’s nothing personal.

Talk to you in two weeks or so!

Looking forward to hearing comments from you, Blog.

Have a grateful day,


(everyone cross your fingers this works!)

4 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. I hope you have a beyond fabulous time at home! This is so needed for you and hopefully it leaves you recharged and ready to finish the rest of your time in Australia. Congratulations to your sister as well and hope the wedding goes well!

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