Spring Shoes and Sunshine

spring, shoes, Target, sunshine, Adelaide,

New shoes on a sunshine-y Spring day – can’t get much better than that…

Disney princesses, pin, Disneyland, student giftWell, it was also pretty terrific to wear this Disney Princess pin every day to work. Thanks, student HW, for this giftee from Disneyland…

Isagenix, shakes, new delivery…and a fresh box of Isagenix for the new term of school.

Law and Order:SVU, dvds, tv, weekend

Oh, yes, and a nearly infinite supply of Law and Order: SVU episodes to fill my weekend (Thanks, Amber!)

Skittle, budgie, best friend, pet, bird, chit chat

And finally, how could I forget Skittle. Bestest weekend company ever. Love listening to him chatter to his friends through the window.

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