OH tooooo funny. Be sure to read ALL the comments attached. I challenge my new Australian friends to give it a go! I’m scheduled to write a post for this blog but after reading all the hilarity that is already there I am nibbling my nails with anxiety. And I’m not a nail-biter. Yipes!! Do enjoy.

Welcome to Canadica!

Canucks and Yanks share much in common. Well, to be fair, a lot of what we share is American in origin. McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, My Stange Addiction, Hummers (the vehicle), Oprah, and Atkins. I’m betting that most Canadians can name five U.S. presidents before they can name five Prime Ministers. American culture is gobbled up by us Northerners. Maybe it’s because y’all south of the border have a flair for the dramatic, and we can be a bit…er…polite. Maybe it’s a kind of cultural evaporation that causes reality TV and Taco Bell to float up and condense in our fair country. I could make a comment about neocolonialism, but I’m not here to write a Margaret Atwood essay. Whatever the reason, we are Yank junkies. The U.S. is our crack, and we can’t quit no matter how bad it gets.

There are, however, many things uniquely Canadian that we…

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