“Everyday I’m copyin’ copyin'”

You know, “Everyday I’m shufflin’ shufflin’?” I’m sure you knew how to sing it even if you had to Google what song it’s from like I did. Oh, Google, what would life be without you. A lot more personal, that’s what! I’d have to pick up the telephone and speak voice-to-voice to real live human being friends to ask them if they knew the song.

writing, NaNoWriMo, scared, shocked, yikes

Daaaammmmnnnn, that’s a lot of writing!

And on that note, I am copyin’ copyin’ some blogging human being…friends? Not sure the term qualifies, or at least maybe not yet. Both Speaker 7 and Jen wrote posts recently about NaNoWriMo. “Say WHA?!?!” you ask? Ya, I did too. So, I Goggled that also (or Googled…whichever). Turns out it stands for National Novel Writing Month. Yes, the expectation, if you choose to participate, is that you write 1 500 words a day and complete a novel in a month. HAAAAAAAAAAA. Not quite there yet myself. However, Jen of Sips of Jen and Tonic, in her own “HAAA, ya right” moment conceived the idea to commit to SOMEthing writing related and do a blog post for each day of November. Prior to this, I’d heard of the “Post a Day” challenge for 2012. I couldn’t imagine posting something EVERYday (and could imagine even less anyone wanting to read ramblings [especially like this one so far] of mine everyday).

But just 30 days of daily writing rather than 365? It piqued my interest. Got the wheels of obsession creaking. Then, Speaker 7 copied, jumped on the bandwagon, continued the trend, et cetera and so on. Now the wheels are actually turning. “Forget it,” I told myself repeatedly, “WAYYYYY too much going on in November.” After three days though, I’ve spent more time thinking and wondering about it than it would probably take to just WRITE something.

Prepare your email inboxes and “Reader” feeds…I’ll post something everyday. Either on this blog, or my Cave Down Under travel blog about my Australian adventures. Look forward to scintillating posts about my bird Skittle, more life lessons from Daddo, multiple (and overdue) posts and photos of Courtney and Dan’s BIG DAY, a trip to the Riverlands, umm…..anything else? Maybe Halloween. Or more likely, CHRISTMAS. My soon-to-arrive visitors. The exportation of Skittle to Canada. Swimming in my pool. The sound of koalas in heat. A post possibly about Kraft Dinner for Canadica. Throw me an idea and I’ll write something.

Happy 30 days of November, or should I say, MOvember!

9 thoughts on ““Everyday I’m copyin’ copyin'”

  1. I can’t imagine anyone doing a post a day either! That seems harder than NaNoWriMo. I follow a few people who are doing it, and I can’t believe they’ve kept it up. Mad props.

    Glad you’re on the train to Crazy Town!

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