Serendipiosity – a fortunate accident.

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” – Epictetus

A movie about gloves. Or most would say romance. What I truly think it’s about is not holding back. Following your heart. Being truthful to yourself. Doing whatever you need to do to avoid “What if…?” in your life. No regrets. Risking losing everything current and comfortable for the sparkle of the ‘if only…’ and then following through even when both the comfortable and the sparkle are lost. Being true to yourself and your own happiness. Passion.

serendipity, romance, passion, movies, friends, single, adventure, risk, jackassI just can’t resist this movie. I canNOT deny myself watching it. Whether it be on TV mid-Saturday when I should be starting my giant Psych paper due Monday or on the bottom of the list of PVR’d movies while babysitting for a friend. There could be 15 movies I’ve seen – or not seen – sitting in a pile and Serendipity would be the one I’d want to watch. Today, I dissect the wonderfulness of this movie.

The Actors

It’s like they’re real people! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE watching movies full of unreasonably beautiful people like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams (not necessarily at the same time), but there’s also something relatable about watching a movie with realistically attractive people that you might see walking down the street. John Cusak has something about him that you just have to love, yet also looks so average. Kate Beckinsale can be knock-out gorgeous, but she’s just a regularly pretty girl here. Jeremy Piven and Molly Shannon? Perfect comic relief as the best friends. It doesn’t hurt that the fiance and fiancee are just portrayed as “meh” or downright nutty. Thumbs up so far.

Also, the kid in the elevator dressed as a devil that hisses sporadically and Eugene Levy are giggle-worthy.

The Music/Score

The background music is always…not simple. Not basic…what is the word I am looking for? Just one instrument (or complex enough to sound like it’s just one simple guitar or piano). The same riff plays at all the right moments, it carries the hidden feelings throughout the story. Ooo, Ooo! I found it! January Rain by David Gray. And the other one, Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake. This is like the best moment of my LIFE! Ok, maybe not the best. But anything involving finding ‘that’ music is pretty noteworthy. Thank you, internet!

The other songs are also perfect fits: Moonlight Kiss by Bap Kennedy; Waiting in Vain performed by Annie Lennox; When You Know performed by Shawn Colvin; Northern Sky by Nick Drake. They’re all so terrific for a movie because if you heard them on the radio you’d probably never notice it. It doesn’t take your attention away from the movie, it makes the movie moments soak into you that much more. *Siiiiiiigh*

The Season

It’s winter. Snow falls. Lights twinkle. Need I say more?

The Thought-Provoking Statements

“So she made one tragic mistake” / “And paid for eternity” – discussing the story of Cassiopeia and her constellation

“…because when all of this is over at least I’ll never have to think of him ever again” – knowing she has to confront the past “pipe dreams” or whatever they are in order to successfully move forward with her future

“Life is a mess!” – Eve to Sara

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” – Dean quoting a philosopher. Basically the whole plane speech by Jeremy Piven’s character is pretty stellar.

“Maybe we’re lying here because you don’t wanna be standing somewhere else.” – Dean to Jon when it’s all falling apart. So deep.

“You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: ‘Did he have passion?'” – Dean to Jonathan at the seeming end of the search.

“How do I look?” / “Like an jackass.” – Ahh…just watch it.

The last one, I can’t actually include here… it’s too great IN the movie. Watch it. Right now.  – the “obituary” that Jon’s best friend writes for him.

These quotes are just gobbeldy-gook without the music, story, characters speaking them to you in context. Seriously, go watch it now.

The Comedy

“Old Spice” – watch it. You’ll know.

Molly Shannon and her casanova candle customer.

The Desire for Serendipaciousness Moments and Shared Search for Happiness, Adventure, and Truth Among Strangers and Friends Alike

Everyone – whether openly or not – loves Sara and Jon’s bravery to search for their own happiness. Not many people risk that. Too many settle. Who says you can’t turn your life into a Disney princess fairytale? Or in your quest for it, learn something about yourself, what you want in life, and that you CAN get it. That it’s worth doing what’s necessary to be happy in your life – even if it sometimes hurts you and those around you. Because ultimately, if you’re not happy, the people in your life won’t be able to be as happy as they could be either. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone else is to say goodbye.

I think I like this movie better when I’m single. It’s almost about that. Being okay with NOT settling with a relationship just because you have one. Having strength to walk away if it’s the right thing. For yourself, not for anyone else.

6 thoughts on “Serendipiosity – a fortunate accident.

  1. Okay, I totally shouldn’t admit this (I’ve got a tough girl reputation to uphold!) but I actually like this movie. I think John Cusack is so endearing in pretty much anything he’s in.

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