Fahoo fores dahoo dores

Translation from Whoish:

Welcome Christmas, come this way!!!

Christmas, Santa, Santa Tom, sisters, winter, light up, movies, xmas, season, DKA light up

Santa Tom!!

What’s this? What’s this?

There’s color everywhere

What’s  this?

There’s white things in the air

What’s this?

I  can’t believe my eyes

I must  be dreaming

Witness Jack Skellington’s initial foray outside Halloween Town into Christmas Town. What’s this?! This week, retailers will also straddle the line between Halloween and Christmas until the 90%-off tables and shelves are cleared of Halloween paraphernalia to make room for the entire Christmas stock of decorations, candies, books, and so on. I am thrilled to bits. I rang in the season with a viewing of Jack Frost and listening to the ultimate selection of Yule Tunes on my iPod (check out the Playlist for All Occasions pages: Ho Ho Ho-liday Cheer Mix).

When I decided to commit to 30 days of posting, I was worried I’d run out of ideas. Silly me, I hadn’t considered the gold mine of material the holiday season would provide. I’ll do my best not to overwhelm, but considering what my December holds, I fear there won’t be plentiful posting going on. All my Christmas wisdom, knowledge, experience, joy, opinions, and SHEER EXALTATION, therefore, will have to be shared throughout November.

There may be a number of movie (and possibly song) related posts. I am so enjoying reading about movie genres and recommendations at Brain Snorts’ blog. That was partially what prompted me to dissect Serendipity and I relished in that more than I had thought I would.

Here’s a teaser for an upcoming history lesson plus personal review of a basically ‘required viewing’ Christmas Classic.

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