30 til 30

Day 5 of NaNoWriMo / NaBloPoMo! Weehoo!

birthday, balloons, celebration, 30th

~ happy burfday to meeee ~

Yikes. In 30 days I’ll be 30 long years old. Jeeeezus when did that happen??? I have a lot to be grateful for in those thirty years. A lot I’ve learned. A lot lost. A lot gained. Just A.LOT.

Since I have A.LOT of so much, I want to, in my own small way, share something of me with others, if I can, and not “take” anything from anyone. My birthday wish for this year is to gain 30 new followers in the next month. Or 30 new Likes of my Facebook page. Or 30 likes on posts I write. Maybe 30 comments on something I’ve posted. 30 re-blogs? Okay, that maybe be going a little too far. You might be thinking, “This sounds like she’s ‘taking’ followers and shamelessly pushing her own self.” I don’t want that to be it.

balloons, colour,

Yesterday, Courtney told me she thought of a friend’s situation when reading my post about the movie Serendipity. I encouraged her to share the link with that friend if she thought it might help. Fellow exchangees here in Adelaide scoured my Darwin/Litchfield/Kakadu posts for tips and ideas and ‘must-sees’ before their trip to the Northern Territory. I don’t want followers or likes ‘just because.’ I would like for my writing to do something for someone. It already does something for me. Everyday I find pleasure in writing even if I am only writing for myself. When I hear that someone else gained something from it, my heart bursts and my face hurts from smiling.


~ cupcakes probably wouldn’t be refused ~

My birthday wish is that you share one of my posts with someone you know that doesn’t enjoy washing the dishes, is about to embark on a trip, needs a pep-talk about the coming snow, or needs help to have a moment of quiet. And so on….Thirty days to touch thirty people with your help!

And also…take a look at these, just because they show pure beauty and happiness:

~ dress-up fun ~

~ dressing-up happiness ~

excitement, exaltation, thrill, elation

~ weeeeeeeeeee!!!!! ~

colour, happy, exciting, surprise

~ whhhhaaaaaaaa!!!! ~

~ paint your happiness and joy ~

painting, for the boy, for the girls, wedding, paint love

~ painting joy ~

2 thoughts on “30 til 30

  1. Thanks for the “weeeeee” and the “whhhaaaaaa”!! I needed that!
    ps…I love that you are counting down to your big day…making it count!! xo

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