Day Nine – Best Wedding Ever.

Day 9 of NaNoWriNO / NaBloPoMo. Almost didn’t make it! More wedding and travel posts to come – weekend getaway with D & G tomorrow!

Cave's Travel Adventures, Near & Far

Check here if you want to get back into the pre-wedding prep frame of mind and refresh on the lead-up events:

Emotional Jetlag

The Week Before

Photo Tidbits and Friday

The Morning!!

Sarah snuck out of our room to suss out the situation at “headquarters” and I snuck in to Courtney’s bed to have one last sister snuggle and “Christmas Eve excitement” visit before the day began. Eeee!!! After today, and one of us getting married, we would truly be grown-ups. Like we weren’t already… Sarah snuck back in bearing toast and fruit to enjoy with our freshly ground coffee then we headed out to our lakefront yoga session with Kassandra.

Can you think of a better way to start such an epic day? Well, Dan and Chris had something to add….they went running into the lake to freshen up and we just had to follow!

It all ended with a…

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