Apparently, Tom and Jerry started it all…

What a most wonderful thing – I was an inspirational speaker for the day! Or at least a moment.

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The treasure chest and the original story.

I read a journal entry by a student. He wrote four pages of a book over the holidays, “but it wasn’t a real book because I’m not a real author.” Hours later, I confronted a stack of boxes in a storage room that belong in my classroom. Directly on top, my university project writing box. Right on top of the pile in the treasure chest was THE FIRST STORY!! (You may recall I mentioned a story about a cat and mouse in SOME entry somewhere – well, found it.)

title page, type writer,

Even a title page. Serious business.

Where was I going with this? Oh, ya. The “not a real author.” Sound like anyone…like me?? Ha. So, I leaped into action and talked to the kids INSTANTLY. About following a dream and the 21 yrs it took from that first story until I started “writing” again. I pulled the yellow type-writer-ed paper out of the treasure box and had a student read the story aloud to the class. There were a few giggles and lots of smiles. But, OH the ATTENTION they gave. It was like we had found a lost treasure and we all somehow believed that this moment of sharing, reading, experiencing, finding, was something to be recognized. Remembered. Held close and dear. Ms. Cave is sharing something she wrote from when she was younger than we are right now! And then our day just carried on…. but somehow in that moment, I felt the possibility that one child might, just MIGHT, remember a glimmer of that conversation, story, inspiration someday down the road. Tonight, tomorrow, a decade from now, and follow a long lost dream. A magical moment.

The real deal.

The real deal.

So, here it is. I tried to type it “verbatim” from the original typewriter version.


Hi! My name is Kimberly Cave. Now I am going to tell you a story about my cat and a mouse that I know. A long time ago I named my cat Tom. And a long time ago I found out that a mouse lived in our house. I decided to name it because it stayed forever. I named it Jerry because the show Tom and Jerry is my favourite show. Now I will tell you about my cat and a mouse that become friends! Hope you enjoy it!

I even wrote an introduction for my book. Baha.

I even wrote an introduction for my book. Baha.

Tom was looking around our new house and all of a sudden he discovered something wonderful… a mouse hole and of course there was a mouse in it…but this mouse was sort of different in a way. The mouse was sooo cute Tom let him or her he did not no have a chance to get away. next morning Tom ran strait to the mouse hole.

The mouse was still there. Tom thought maybe I should make friends with this little dude. So Tom said “So little mouse whats your name.” EEEEE” said the little mouse. “Don’t worry Tom said ” I won’t hurt you I want to make friends’ ‘ But, but, but – “Please don’t be afraid of me…” I, I, I…I don’t have any friends “Please be my friend” “Oh if I can trust you” “Oh of course if –

“If what?” “If you”ll be my friend” “Oh of course only if- “Only if what” “Just wait until I’m finished, now I was saying only if you won’t eat me” “OH of course I won’t eat you I’d never eat such a cute mouse” “Well good because if you did my grandpa will beat you up” “Oh please don’t make me fight” ” I’ve had about hmmm, 1 no, 2 naw, 3 no or was it 6 “Well were friends now right?” “Hmm…alright were friends” “Oh goody” “your sure luky to have a friend like me” “I’m hungry” ” well Kim my owner has about say $40.99 and we’ll buy something.

Bahahhahaha….Oh dear, sweet, eight-year-old-on-a-typewriter-me. Ha.

So that was the beginning of it all. The second re-discovery of it has reminded me that once upon a time in university I had to do a project about myself? For myself? I can’t remember. Regardless, the final product was a treasure box of writing. From the first story through the rest of elementary school, high school, and university.

Stay tuned for more elementary school writing.




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