The Early Nerd Catches the Worm

“The early nerd catches the worm!” ~ Kimberly Cave (1982 – )

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Catchin’ the sun coming up over downtown while waiting for the bus.

It’s that time of year again; when Tegan and I nerd it up and get all gung-ho about the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention. For many teachers, it’s a lovely time of year to meet up with previous colleagues; connect with current colleague OUTside of the school at meetings; enjoy feeling part of a different world, the downtown world of business, hanging out at the Telus Convention Centre.

The Bow is actually finished! And quite lovely, I might add.

The Bow is actually finished! And quite lovely, I might add.

cctca, convention, ata, teachers, telus convention centre

Our pass and schedule all in one. And, BOY, was security tight this year. Sheesh.

For others, Tegan and I especially, all that above is nice, but we are actually completely stoked for the sessions! This year, Tegan’s even on maternity leave but came along. Gotta love that gal! Thursday and Friday I got to take the new LRT into downtown and was WAY too excited about the fancy pants new stations and the spic-and-span new trains.


The 69th St Station – WOWEEE!


So early I was the only one on the train for a short bit!

My first session (to which I arrived second, despite being worried I wouldn’t get in….), re-introduced me to the Four Agreements (except now there’s five apparently) which I think I may be ready to  delve into again – now to find where the books ended up. From there, Tegan and I hit the exhibits hard: we entered every possible prize draw for iPad Minis and gift baskets and Tegan went hog wild collecting free pens and clicky pencils. I went hog wild for the free popcorn offerings. Yum YUM.

The Below Deck Tavern topped us up with the most delicious chicken sangies for lunch, swung by the Tourist Info Centre to load me up with Alberta ‘stuff to do,’ and were back to nerdin’ it up for the afternoon session. Tegan learned all about a new music program, and I had some laughs and reminders about how to keep positivity in life and teaching.

Friday was a repeat of train exhilaration and another early nerd morning meeting with Tegan a full hour before the sessions began. Surprise, surprise, we were the first ones at our three hour mindfulness and yoga session extraordinaire. This year’s convention theme was all about teacher wellness for me – at least until the last session that I hosted. Power to Play, developed with/by Alberta Milk, about nutrition and physical activity – soooooo awesome! By attending the session we got the entire resource package for free. The teacher resource to run the program from K-3, a CD and DVD (with songs performed by the Arrogant Worms!), SMART board activities and MORE! April start date for my classroom!

shoes, Sport Chek, Market mall, shopping

Our flashy new shoes!

That brought an end to another successful Teachers’ Convention. Courtney brought the car around and I got my exercise for the afternoon running to leap into the car while she pulled up at a red light so we could jet off to Canmore for the weekend! We stopped by Market Mall’s Sport Chek for runners – we didn’t find deals there, we MADE them – but that’s an entirely different story. A bazillion mountain photos later, we arrived at the Rocky Mountain Ski Lodge. Zip over to my OTHER blog…in a few days…to check out our Canmore weekend adventures of delectable foods, dogsledding, snow, and mountains, mountains everywhere!

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