Wallowing in a Winter Wonderland

DSCF2917I did, in fact, look up “wallow” in the dictionary. It means to, “to luxuriate in, to revel in.” So really, we often use it somewhat inaccurately when we say we are wallowing in our miseries. Though I suppose some people do revel in that…. Anyway, I am writing this post about Winter Wonderlands today, because I am currently in the midst of one. As for luxuriating? Boy,  am I ever. Technically, this entry should be on my Travel Blog since I’m goin to share part of my trip to Canmore with sister Courtney, but it tells so much more than just a single day’s walk in the snow.

“The first snowfall is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?” ~ J. B. Priestley

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There are actually giant Rocky Mountains out there – the fog and snow just covered ’em up for this snowy day.

Sunday morning of our weekend came in the way any good Christmas morning would – I felt Courtney roll out of our shared bed (somewhat of a Christmas Eve tradition regardless of age) and then a blinding light assaulted my comfortably, sleepily closed eyelids. I painfully peeled them open expecting a blast of sun and to then slam them shut again for a few more minutes of blanketed bliss. Instead, the blinding wasn’t light, but WHITE. I was instantly awake and Courtney was laughing at the way my eyes – really, entire face – lit up with the magic of what should be – Santa’s visit evidenced by presents under the tree, a unexpected white Christmas just in time, or simply an overnight transformation from brown and grey to brilliant, pure white in the middle of an exceptionally mild February.


We ventured out into deliciously mild snowy Canmore air, found ourselves a marked trail to follow and were off! Clearly, we aren’t the best map readers and have no concept of scale. We went way beyond where we were meant to go and the only indication that we’d done so was the smell of an unreasonably smelly dog dump. In actual fact, we came across the sign that let us know we were approaching a sanitation site. Another look at the map showed us how far we’d gone, and we turned right around outta that stink!


All along the way we encountered the muffled silence you only get in a snow-covered world. We marvelled at the clarity of the river water (where it wasn’t frozen over). We said hello to multitudes of others out running, family-ing, dog-walking, and jogging in the outdoors. Everyone we passed had that same little twinkle in their eye and slightly child-like smile on their faces. We all shared that same immutable wonder at experiencing the ability to just step outside our front doors and into a wonderland unimaginable to so many.


“Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” ~Andy Goldsworthy

I hope that today those of you who have a driveway or sidewalk to shovel are grateful to have the perfect excuse to get outside and thank the heavens that you live in the magical land of Canada that snows down life-promoting snow. Not only does it ignite the awe-struck innocence of childhood and lighten us mentally, it also happens to replenish our drinking water supply for those dry summer months ahead.


Dearest Snow, I thank you, for so many things.

With gratitude,


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Let's just check this map again...

Let’s just check this map again…

We have the most beautiful, clear rivers here. Boy, do we need to appreciate and take care of them!

We have the most beautiful, clear rivers here. Boy, do we need to appreciate and take care of them!






2 thoughts on “Wallowing in a Winter Wonderland

  1. My god, seriously: Does this winter never end? Although there is no longer any snow in my region, it’s still freezing cold and nasty. I’m already browsing hotel sites like http://www.trivago.ca in order to dream of sunnier climes. However, the weather allows you to do such great photos.

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