Saturdays are for Singing: Wilson Pickett

“I used to always have a pretty high, little clear voice, but as I got older,
I got a little cornbread in it.”
~ Wilson Pickett


Oh, and what heart, soul, and UHN that cornbread gives his music! Today, I say little about Wilson Pickett and let him do the convincing. I just need to add that very, very high on the list of what I love best about finding some of the songs by artists like Wilson Pickett and Brook Benton (oh, just wait until I expound my thoughs on HIM!) is that you can hear the almost static-like hiss, crackle, and pop of the vinyl record. Sigh, the days of real music stir the yearning in my heart!

For the full effect, get your computer plugged into some serious speakers; hear the record, feel his truth, let your emotions surface and be as raw as he.

It’s snowing here in Calgary today, so here’s the ultimate version of Silver Bells – hard to go back to any other version once you get the beat of this one in your Christmas spirit.


And finally, one many may know, but not know who. Tooooooooooo much of everything good in this song. Within the first five seconds you know it’s got something, by 15 seconds in there’s no way you’re leaving this song.

Take a few minutes today to listen to a song – ANY  song that you love. Don’t multi-task. Don’t put it on in the background. Listen to it. Feel it. Sing. Dance. Twirl. Sway. Just one song.

“Oh, honey, bring it to me, bring your sweet lovin,’ bring it on home to me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” ~ Bring It On Home, Wilson Pickett

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