The Quintessential Cookie

cookie, chocolate chip, easy recipe, baking, sundaysIn the spirit of the 25 cm of snow accumulating outside my wall of windows on this fine mid-April Sunday, I felt drawn to baking my fave choco chip cookie recipe in preparation for an afternoon of Christmas music and movies.

butter, Rosti bowl, cookies, chocolate chip cookies, easy recipe, delicious, snowy april sunday

The excitement doubled the moment I opened my pantry closet doors and realized it would be my first opportunity to prepare cookies in my Rosti mixing bowl I snagged at the Stirling Market last year in Adelaide. I have no doubt these will be the best tasting cookies ever created in the kitchen of this condo strictly based on the gorgeous, hideous orange bowl in which the ingredients are to be lovingly mixed and stirred.

cookie3It’s a basic recipe I believe I once convinced my mom to let us use (I wanted to bake a batch withOUT rolled oats for the first time in my life) and have never looked back. I still appreciate mom’s rolled oat choco chip cookies, but I always use this plain ole PERFECT recipe. I’ll even convert it into metric – it’s time we started moving ALL our measurements into metric, not just selective ones!

Baker’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

* 250 ml softened butter
* 250 ml brown sugar
* 125 ml granulated (white) sugar
* 10 ml vanilla
* 2 eggs
* 560 ml all-purpose flour
* 5 ml baking soda
* 1.25 ml salt
* 500 – 625 ml semi-sweet chocolate chips (or as many/few as you please)
(Chocolate chip tip: the recipe actually calls for 375 ml choco chips and 250 ml chopped pecans or walnuts, but I just call that last cup of nuts chocolate chips instead!)

Preheat oven to 190 degrees C.
(Temperature tip: I set my oven temp at 180 only.)

cookie6Beat butter, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, and eggs until light and fluffy.
(Beating tip: the fluffiest cookies I ever made were always the ones when my mom put in one ingredient and I used the mixer on it until she came back from a chore to add the next one. I TRY to be as patient and beat after each ingredient for as long as I can handle. Worth it.)

Mix in flour, baking soda, and salt by hand until well-blended.
(Mixing tip: a) super low speed on the mixer is faster, easier, and often more complete. b) if you’re a traditionalist, at least stand on a footstool to gain some height over the bowl. Impossible to get a good mix on when the bowl is too tall – maybe I’m just too short.)

Stir in chocolate chips (and nuts, if that’s how you roll).

cookie2Drop by heaping spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet 5 cm apart. Rack should be set second from top. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Makes about five dozen cookies.
(Final tip: I have found the sweet spot for my oven and it’s six minutes, spin the tray, six more. I never have to worry I won’t have the perfect bake – but it took a number of imperfect cookies to get that, make the effort to figure out EXACTLY how a certain recipe works in your own oven.  Also, five dozen cookies my ass, more like two, maybe three depending on how much dough you eat. I eat a lot.)

Let sit on cookie sheet for two minutes before moving to cooling rack until cool.
(Really truly final tip:  I bake only one sheet at a time so I can let the sheet cool a bit before putting the next round of dough on and never have to have an empty oven.)



PS: For those who don’t have bi-labelled measuring tools or who don’t want to search a conversion chart:

1 tsp = 5 ml
1 Tbsp = 15 ml
1/4 cup = 60 ml
1/3 cup = 80 ml
1/2 cup = 125 ml
1 cup = 250 ml

350 F = 180 C

Grade 8, 10, and 12 cooking class locked that into my head – now it’s your turn. Lock it in.

3 thoughts on “The Quintessential Cookie

  1. I think I love you even more, after knowing you also have a passion for oat-free chocolate chippers. And the most important piece of this article: Christmas music in April.

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