Serendipiosity – a fortunate accident.

The snowy season is upon us! I watched Serendipity two nights ago in an attempt to stave of my desires to watch a full-on Christmas movie. Sigh…. I’m reminded how much I love this movie and have to re-blog the post I wrote about it last year. If you haven’t watched it yet – Courtney – do it! I think it’s even on Netflix now!

Kimberly's Cave

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.” – Epictetus

A movie about gloves. Or most would say romance. What I truly think it’s about is not holding back. Following your heart. Being truthful to yourself. Doing whatever you need to do to avoid “What if…?” in your life. No regrets. Risking losing everything current and comfortable for the sparkle of the ‘if only…’ and then following through even when both the comfortable and the sparkle are lost. Being true to yourself and your own happiness. Passion.

serendipity, romance, passion, movies, friends, single, adventure, risk, jackassI just can’t resist this movie. I canNOT deny myself watching it. Whether it be on TV mid-Saturday when I should be starting my giant Psych paper due Monday or on the bottom of the list of PVR’d movies while babysitting for a friend. There could be 15 movies I’ve seen – or not seen – sitting in a pile and Serendipity…

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