How to: Get your Master’s Degree, Part IV

Repeated Note: So, I recognize these are likely the most boring, odd posts for me to be writing and expecting people to read. They are partly inspired by my sister who suggested I write a “How To” post about changing names after marriage. She said she had difficulty finding resources online that included ALL the necessary steps. So, along those lines, I thought I’d share my experience of the process of a graduate degree for those out there that are maybe doing or thinking about doing the same thing and wondering where to begin!

Step 4: Wait. And wait.


And maybe wait a little bit more.
Like waiting for a glacier to approach……


December 1st 2013 was the official application deadline for this particular degree, with leeway until December 16th for references to have their letters uploaded to the U of C website. The agony of waiting began almost instantly after clicking my cursor on “Submit” for the final time on November 30th. I even checked the “Status” of my application everyday on the website for the first two weeks after submission. Knowing full well it would not change from “Complete” to “Accepted” or “Declined” until the beginning of the new year at the earliest. In fact, it’s now coming to the end of February and, still, I wait.

Prepare to wait. Patiently or impatiently, but you will wait. Good luck!

I hope to offer you a more worthy update about progress in a very short couple of weeks! Fingers crossed.

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