How to: Get your Master’s Degree, Part V – Accepted or Rejected?!?

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” ~ Saadi


patience 2

1. Stare at the “MEd Application Status” subjected email hiding in your junk e-mail folder for a long few minutes suddenly uncertain of the outcome you’re hoping for before taking the final plunge…I mean click…to discover your fate!

After the arduous process of starting to research universities, programs, and disciplines starting LAST February; finally selecting one and researching it to death; completing the application process; then waiting, and waiting, and waiting…….and waiting for three months to hear an inkling of information, I admit, I’d started to wonder if I should make other plans. I’ve had my car for nearly ten years, if I don’t get in I’ll go truck shopping at long last! I still have half a country to explore, maybe I should start booking adventures to visit Eastern Canada. There are a number of small and slightly larger home renovations I could sink some time and money into. So, yes, when I – FINALLY – on February 28th received the Application Status e-mail, I was a bit ambivalent about the response I really wanted – I had some really enticing back up plans waiting for action!

2. Take a deep breath and CLICK AWAY!!

“Congratulations!” Is what I first read, so…a rather anticlimactic Friday-evening-after-a-long-ass-work-week ‘Hooray’ followed. I threw out a text or two and a couple phone calls to family to help me generate some of that same excitement I felt when I first submitted the application, but it was just SO delayed…double the time I was expecting for results is a long wait.

patience 3I’ve been out of my six years in the university world for eight years now. I guess when I was in the thick of it, deadlines and timelines weren’t such a big deal since that was the number one thing going on in my life but so far (including the next steps that I’ll get to) this program moves at a snail’s pace and the requirements for planning the rest of my work and personal life will have to screech to a halt until the U of C catches up (are all universities this bad?!?!)

3. Balance the equal levels of thrill and dread over the coming weeks of continued inability to move forward!

The excitement DID come, as did the dread about the time, money, energy, research, paper writing, APA formatting, etc and etc and etc!! But, unfortunately, before I could do anything about it, I had to wait for yet another full month (plus an extra week despite the promise of “end of the month!”) for any further action to happen.

After I was accepted into the program, I had to officially accept my acceptance….Okay, fine. No problem. Monday morning I faxed it in, ta da! But I had a full 30 days to have completed that 5 minute task.

4. Go forth into online learning, enrolling, navigating endless university roundabout paths to online information (or to discovering lack of it) and remain positive through it all.

patience 5…or at least try. I’ve failed on the positive part a number of times. I really truly am hoping once the program gets rolling I’ll be able to see everything from the lens of the alternate universe of Higher Learning at a University but right now I’m just seeing it from ….stop. Stop, Kimberly. You’re not sounding very positive right now!

Alright, enough complainy Kimberly for today. I truly am THRILLED to be working towards obtaining the piece of paper that will open about a zillion other career path options for me five years from now. And I will work hard to not just “suffer through” the painful requirements in order to achieve that document as I did for one of my previously obtained ones. Ugh. I will work to find something about each class or professor or assignment that I can love and enjoy and appreciate.

Today’s “How-To” lesson? Practice infinite amounts of patience. Be Zen-like in your waiting. Breathe a lot. Say “Om” now and again. Maybe it’ll help. Maybe not.

Alright, that’s me signing off to dive back into the online world of Distance Ed to see what I can find today!

Update: I actually wrote this post almost two weeks ago. Tonight….my online world brought me to buying textbooks!!!! Wednesday afternoon, the gem of BOOKS will arrive right at my door. Excitement abounds!


Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.  ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau


patience 4

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