In the middle…but all alone.

The true colours of nature surround me. Yellow, red, green, brown. But not as you know it most days. Not Crayola sunshine yellow. Brick red. Brilliant green. Rich brown. Subdued. Subtle. Wheat yellow. Cow brown in the distance. Wild autumn … Continue reading

Remembrance Day is coming…

  No, this post title does not come with a zillion exclamation marks of excitement or fanfare of its impending arrival. Just not that kind of a post. I planned on writing a post for this day – not holiday … Continue reading

Get crackin’…err…WRITING, girl!

“It is perfectly okay to write garbage— as long as you edit brilliantly.” ~ ~ C. J. Cherryh This afternoon I took myself out on a date to Coles and treated myself to these gems: I didn’t really make any … Continue reading