Get crackin’…err…WRITING, girl!

“It is perfectly okay to write garbage—
as long as you edit brilliantly.” ~
~ C. J. Cherryh

This afternoon I took myself out on a date to Coles and treated myself to these gems:

I didn’t really make any connections at the time…but it seems they are both whispering in my ear that, “yes, you are on the right track – it’s time to get the pencil moving again!” The first book – obviously – is very concretely about putting pen to paper and getting random ideas flowing. I do love writing about anything and everything, though I tend to be more non-fictiony-ish-sorta-I-guess in the sense that I don’t necessarily “creatively write” stories about invented characters and such. Perhaps I shall give that a try with some of these idea starters…



Secondly, I went for Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book. I enjoyed the pleasure of reading Eat, Pray, Love and listening to her audiobook version of Committed: A Love Story; so while I didn’t actually have any idea what Big Magic was all about it seemed like an appropriate October afternoon gift to myself. Turns out it’s going to be all about creativity – fits with pushing my writing comfort zone, no?



Okee doke then! Time to get refreshed, let the ripple effect go wild, take the first step, and get some sparkle sparkling! (Pretty creative tie in of this totally unrelated picture, right?!?!) In the coming weeks, I am going to attempt to not over-edit myself and just sit down in my circle chair and jot some thoughts in response to the prompts…. I’ll share them here.

Feel free to send me a reminder if I lag – or tell me to STOP already – or provide a different topic?!?!

We’ll see how long this experiment lasts….


“Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.”
~ Ayn Rand

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