In the middle…but all alone.

P1010738The true colours of nature surround me.
Yellow, red, green, brown.
But not as you know it most days.
Not Crayola sunshine yellow. Brick red. Brilliant green. Rich brown.
Subdued. Subtle. Wheat yellow. Cow brown in the distance. Wild autumn berry red, river green right at my feet.
The rushing sound does not come from the highway, but the ever moving waters of change, growth, comfort of cycle.
Far off clouds gather over the steadfast mountains to release their life bringing snow that will eventually bring water to the cows of brown once again.
A helicopter’s whir threatens the solitude of the morning.
The ravens caw, the cows roam, the grasses sway unperturbed.
Ones that create the noise suffer the noise.
Sun burns through the mist. Hues deepen. Voices lift. Animals move.
Can my connection to land drown out the man machine disruption?
Do I want it to? That noise brings me food, shelter, place.
Time to move on. Carry on with my day. Break my connection. With land, not self.
Reconnect with people.
Rock, stick, leaf.
The world outside rocked. The peace and calm will stick with me. I leave gratitude behind.



I posted earlier that I would try not to over-edit myself and actually do some writing; so here we are! Today I spent a magnificent day at Glenbow Provincial Park and Riverfront Park with my staff hiking, circle sharing, spending solo time in nature, enjoying bannock, and connecting with others. A peaceful, calm, wondrous day.


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