I’m ready now.

teacher choice

Teaching has ALWAYS been my passion. As early as eight years old, my career path was solidly paved towards teaching. If I learned something, I believed everyone around me wanted – or needed – to know it, too! Lucky for me, I’ve been living every day in my dream job for the last ten years.

Somewhere along the way, psychology and mental wellness became an even stronger passion that intertwined beautifully with my teacher personality. So, my path widened a little. University veered back into the cruising lane of my road. Junior High leapt out onto the highway and shot me off an exit in another direction. Life events, people, circumstances have a way of changing our plans. Altering our routes. Opening strange doors and windows we weren’t expecting or prepared for.

questions answersMy last four years has been especially reflective, soul searching, and learning more and more about my growing self. My last four months has been refining, focusing, and narrowing – while also widening – the question, WHY? Why do I do what I do? Why do I love my job? What am I hoping to accomplish? Why do I love walking, my nutritional system, yoga, psychology? Why do I connect with the people I do? Why have I maintained the friends I have? Let go of the ones I did? Why did I finally decide to do the IsaBody Challenge? Why was I successful with this but not with any other workout plan? Why am I saving more money now while I also have the most expenses? Why is my life how it is now? Why do I want it this way? Why do I want to change it? W-H-Y?

My vision is becoming clearer every day. Not magically. It’s been work. Deep personal work. As I said, I’ve been doing this work for the last four years….but the last four months have been the game changer. I’m now fully immersed in and involved with something bigger. A giant network that supports my new adventurephysical, mental, and financial health. The resources available for my personal growth are incredible. Endless. Like they were created just for me – totally doable, yet also pushing me to really question my habits, pushing my comfort zones, pushing me to become the best me I could possibly be today. T-O-D-A-Y. Yes, always encouragement to look to the future. But MY future, no one else’s. Not one path to success and understanding. M-Y path.

Where am I going with this?? You know me… I tend to ramble and go off on tangents. Right…my new network I’ve discovered. It has actually been right there beside me for the last five years. Yup, five years it was all right there at my fingertips and I didn’t even realize it! And that’s okay, I wasn’t ready then. I’m ready now. I’m there. It’s go time. My goals are becoming clearer, my W-H-Y in August is already elaborated and crystallized so much more this February. Imagine what it will look like by the coming August?!

i can and i will

As a teacher, as a future psychologist, as a listener and a talker, I LOVE sharing. I love helping people. I adore being able to provide strategies, tips, and support to bring others to discovering the amazing achievements they can accomplish. “Ms. Cave, I totally get it now,” “Look! I did it.” “I know how to do this, I’ll explain it to her – don’t worry, Ms. Cave,” “Kimberly, I took your advice and it worked,” “Thanks for listening, I really appreciate your perspective,” “I know I can count on you to be honest and help me question my actions or opinions.” Those are my most treasured moments. When I am blessed with the opportunity to actually witness, hear, or receive direct evidence that I’ve had a positive impact on a life, I am so, so, so grateful for what I have and that I’m in a position to share it. With students, friends, family, and occasionally, even strangers.

Now, I want to share even more. I want to share what has supported my health for the last five years. I want to share what has kicked my personal growth into the highest gear in the last four months. I want to share my new community that is encouraging, loving, challenging, knowledgeable, open, and present. I want to share the opportunity for a better lifestyle. I want to share possibility. I want to share flexibility. I want to share freedom.

I want others to see how the community I’ve joined is not just one thing. I want, when I get asked, “What are you doing? Who is this community? How can I join? What do I do to get started?” to be able to share it with you in the best way possible to help you understand its reach, its potential. (This is where I still have learning and growth to do myself!) I want to link arms with others out there who are looking for more, who can see beyond a product or a system to the bigger picture of it all. I want to create my Vision and help you create yours – and perhaps help you get there a bit more quickly that my “four years plus four accelerated months” journey did.

I want to share with you. I want to connect with you. If…no – not if – WHEN you’re ready for your future, when you are open to freedom, flexibility, growth, and community, I am here. I’m here right now. I’m here tomorrow, next week, next year, next decade. I’ve had my oh-so-patient sister stand beside me at my level of readiness for five years. I’m ready, she’s saying, “LET’S GO” and kickin’ my butt a little. I’m ready to do the same for you. I’ll stand by your side wherever you are. I’ll nudge you or catapult you. I will. I’ll be. I’ll do. Whatever I can to help you discover this new self and enhanced life that I am so grateful and inspired by.

I’m here.

leap of faith

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