The Basics

Okay, here are the nuts and bolts of Kimberly Cave:

I am freshly 32 years old, I am 5’2 on a good day, and tend to have shoulder length hair that ranges from platinum blond to nearly black depending on the season and the mood. So, there’s a quick physical snapshot.

My older sister, is a perfect physical, emotional, mental foil to me. My mom is essentially the exact opposite of my dad. However, neither Sister nor I are a complete match physically, emotionally, or mentally to either of our parents. We seem to have each received an opposite mix of the traits from each of them and developed them in our own unique ways during our upbringing.

We grew up on the “other side of the bridge” in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. And no, that’s not the equivalent to “the other side of the tracks” by any stretch of the imagination. I went to one elementary school and one high school without any of those middle schools or junior highs to muddle it all up.

I managed to get my degrees from two different universities, despite attending at least 80% of my classes in the same four classrooms. Okanagan University College (which no longer exists) handed over my BA in Psychology and before I finished my post-degree BEd program, the University of British Columbia had taken over and my second degree states I went to UBC-O.

I filled out and mailed a multitude of teaching applications to any board of education accepting… just kidding. I applied in Calgary and ONLY Calgary! The Secret‘s law of attraction and complete conviction that it would turn out how it should came through and I was mailed a contract tout de suite!

For the last eight-ish years I have lived, worked, and played in Calgary and LOVE it everyday!

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