Playlists for all Occasions

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When the ability to download any darn song you wanted and put it on a cd in any order you wanted arose, I was in awe. It was wonderful and terrible all at the same time. I would spend hours choosing just the right genre for the cd, decide on the 20 – 25 songs that fit, then agonize over the order to put them in. The first song was crucial to set the choosen mood appropriately. Each song had to flow correctly into the next one, and finally, the last song on the cd had to finish things off jussssst right.

Now, I rarely put my iPod on shuffle. I still like to choose the songs to fit the moment. One evening I decided I should choose some songs to listen to while relaxing in the tub. Over thirty minutes later, I’d finally selected 154 perfect bathtime songs. It was going to be a long soak.

Here are a few of my themed playlists.

Halloween 2012’s Peculiar Playlist

The One Titled “Happy”

Ho Ho Ho-liday Mix of Cheer

Bedtime Bliss

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