Entirely Escapist Entertainment

The following list starts with a few of my favourite romance novels. Yup, a Harlequin Intrigue tops the list. I’d say I’ve read it over ten times. Not all romance novels have nearly as much cheese as you’d expect and the storylines can be quite mysterious, action-packed, and best of all – easy. For those brain-dead times in life (mid-report card/essay writing, camping, waiting rooms, stressful time) they are a perfect short read.

To Have vs. To Hold by M.J. Rodgers

She Caught the Sheriff by Anne Marie Duquette

Heartbreaker by Karen Robards

Marginally less cheesy…

Spin the Bottleby Monica McInerney

The Deep End of the Ocean by Jaquelyn Mitchard

Celebrity magazines definitely fit the bill for choice camping reading material.

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