Outlandish Purchases

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist. 

~Franklin P. Jones

The definition of an outlandish buy.

There’s just something about buying an item that you’ll likely never use or wear in your life; that is SO far out of your comfort zone it’s laughable; that completely defies reasonable or practical that is SUCH A RUSH! It’s like breaking all the rules and getting rewarded for it. It’s like that IKEA commercial where she’s yelling “START THE CAR” and you’re waiting for someone to say, “YOU don’t buy things like THAT.” But no.one.does. Others that witness such a purchase are most definitely thinking, “That was utterly ridiculous, a waste of money, and silly….and yet, perfect,” with a tiny twinkle of awe and thoughts of “If only I had dared to be so audacious.” Usually – ok, let’s be realistic, 99% of the time – it’s ME who is bristling with the hidden craving to be bold enough to buy – and maybe even wear – flashy things.

Today, I ventured into that “1% of the the time” and after the third time passing the boots…I just BOUGHT them. I even bargained for them! Thought of you the whole time, sister, and knew you’d be proud that I got $10 boots for just $8. (I thought $7 might be pushing it for my first time.) How brash of me! Hours and hours later, after lunch, a coffee stop, a long drive home, and the usual straight into my comfy wear, I am still smiling with the satisfaction of not instantly caving when she “uuuhhmmmmmm”ed for a moment before accepting my $8 offer. WOO!

Could you find anything more awesome than that?!

Thy only remaining question isn’t WILL I wear them – I’m determined to (and, in fact, already have from the coffee shop to the car!) but are they work appropriate? I’m sure I could find a way….