The Reader…and Rhys

Today’s fourth sixth post of NaNoWriNO / NaBloPoMo is was a “Check out my pages” plug (until I got carried away and ended up with the below post). I finally added another piece to my About Me section: The Reader. I still haven’t done “The Teacher” and have plenty of updating to do on the Recommended Reading. It’ll come… someday now…at least a little bit.

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(How many of you just busted a gut at the perfection of this picture?)

But, also, too, in addition, I mentioned an elementary classmate of mine, Rhys Albrecht, on the page. Grade Four was the year he brought his BRAND NEW baby sister in for Show and Tell. We all basically gave up after that. How do you compete with a baby human being – nub of umbilical cord included? You don’t even try.

I think he’s the only TRUE Facebook “success story” I have. I know we were at least friends-ish through until Grade 7, but then high school hit. We hung out in the same vicinity a little in Grade 12, sorta. Years after high school we “bumped” into each other on Facebook; caught up on life one summer’s day on the shore of Okanagan Lake; he joined a group of us in Calgary to take in A Christmas Carol and gushed with brand-new-relationship(-now-wife-Alana) giddiness; and we’ve randomly connected since.

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~ photo zoinked from his fb page totally without his permission. you better go look at his website to make it ‘ok’ ~

He also happens to be a miraculous photographer. Ya, ya, there are like a zillion self-made wedding photographers that you went to high school with too. Don’t roll your eyes at me. The combination of his creative vision, the nooks and crannies of the Okanagan you never knew existed, and the crazy outrageously malleable people he photographs makes every set of photos he stitches together completely captivating. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the people or the place. You can despise weddings and wedding photos and STILL sigh in awe over the entrancing moments he creates and captures. You start scrambling to come up with a family or an event or any reason to need a photographer.

He’s the real deal. Go check out his website, and click on “blog” to see every single photo ever. Clear your schedule first. You’ll be awhile.

weddings, photographer, rhys albrecht

~ i’d be there for hours trying to find just one ‘best’ photo. just go look already ~