The Challenge in Nothing

serenity, peace, calm, nature, vastness, landscape, Kakadu, Australia, travel

Ubirr, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Couldn’t you just be in a moment like this forever? Sun warming your face, cool breeze blowing, a solid anchor to rest on. An ever-changing land that goes on and on with more to look at than you could ever imagine, if you only allowed yourself the time to look, listen, experience. It’s rare to find a moment, indoors or out, to truly sit and look. Or not look. Think, or not think. No requirements on your time. To just be. No phone beeps, clock ticks, rush of everyday life. Just you; time; and permission to take it.

Can you remember the last time you stopped like this for more than 30 seconds? A minute? Were you thinking about where you’d be heading next; what you should be doing instead? Have you managed in the last, say, six months to sit down and NOT wonder about the past, present, or future? Not worry about how long you’d been doing nothing. Not think, “I’m sitting here, I might as well read a book, watch tv, text, think about my tomorrow’s to-do list?” I can think of maybe three times in the last six months I’ve TRULY done nothing. None of those times lasted more than a minute. It’s time to change that. I’m giving myself permission tonight to go to that magical place in my mind and drift away. I won’t look at a clock, read a book, or worry about anyone, anything.

Your turn.